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ESS Club of Southern California

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About this event:

Created by ESSFTA

Kincade Cove Wildlife Management Area 36°06'08.0"N 118°55'53.7"W

Dick Riedman, Secretary/Treasurer


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2 Responses to ESS Club of Southern California

  1. Phyllis Hosey says:

    I have an ESS 11 months old finished intermediate/advanced obedience training. I would like to join your club and be informed of events. I have taken him to Prado Dog Recreation Area in Chino and understand your club has events there sometimes from the Area Manager. She couldn’t find your contact info. Any info. would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

    • Kim Kuhlman says:

      Hi Phyllis!

      Congratulations on completing your obedience training. We use to live in Southern CA and trained at Prado. There is a field trial scheduled today and tomorrow near Porterville, which I know is probably a bit of a hike (http://essfta.org/events-archive/2018/01/esscsc-field-trial/), but it’s a really great field trial. Members of the SoCal club as well as others will be there. In your area, I would recommend talking to Mike (mikeleo[at]ix.netcom.com) and/or April Leonetti (aprilleo[at]springershowcase.com). Mike has field-bred Springers and April has bench-bred. They live in Fallbrook and April also does obedience training, agility, etc. Let me know if you have trouble connecting with them. You can find our events at http://essfta.org/events), at least the ones that event organizers send to me.



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