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ESSFTA National Specialty

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About this event:

Created by ESSFTA

Purina Farms Event Center 200 Checkerboard Loop, Gray Summit, MO 63039

AKC Event Number: 2017166408

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2 Responses to ESSFTA National Specialty

  1. Marilou McCloskey says:

    I really thought Springers were a versatile breed, excelling in the Field, Confirmation, Agility, Obedience, Rally, and many of the newer venues, however, though all of these venues were offered at the national, the only thing even offered to watch, if only for 5 minutes, was confirmation. No mention anywhere on the National website of any of the other events or the results of them. I am extremely disappointed in ESSFTA’s information on the National events. I guess that the participants in those other events, who cannot travel to the National really don’t count. Though I enjoy watching confirmation and have participated in it, I do not enjoy watching 5 minutes of it unless I want to pay for a pass that does not include any other venues. There is more to Springers than beauty!!

    • ESSFTA says:

      Hi Marilou, I understand your frustration. As webmaster, I don’t have any say in how the event is presented, but I will forward your concerns to the Board of Governors. -Kim

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